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Drop-In Session – $60

   Purchase Pkg of 10 Sessions 

* You Only

1x/wk – $550

2x/wk – $500


* You & a Friend

1x/wk – $500

2x/wk – $450


* You & 2 Friends

1x/wk – $450

2x/wk – $400


 ‘ Fit To Do More ‘


Ah yes, another personal trainer in existence. There are good ones out there & there are bad ones. So what can I offer you?  Or were you even looking? Why would you even need a personal trainer?

Those reasons would be your own. Maybe you’re not comfortable working out in a crowd of people. Perhaps you want to have someone concentrate solely on you. Want to lose weight? Do something different? Get into ripped shape, or just a healthier version of you?

I love fitness. I’ve been active since I was old enough to walk. I have been a martial arts student, competitor, & facility owner for over 30 years. I am an ex-marine (USMC) who specialized in various units & training. Yes, we knew how to train! I am also a massage & craniosacral therapist so my understanding of the working body, ailments & injuries are extensive which only further assisted me in learning how the body works best & when to rest.

I am the personal trainer for the average, everyday person who is battling cancer or injuries. Emotionally depleted or stressed out. For the young who want to further themselves in a sport, to the individual who is finding themselves aging. For the ones who need encouragement, laughter & accountability.

I am the personal trainer who is one of the most affordable in the city. Why? Because I know how frustrating it is to want to be healthy, but you can’t afford it. I go above & beyond what my clients want because I know how some of these trainers work. All talk, no work, no results. I want to give you results.

I want to help you create a new, healthy lifestyle. You want health & a good looking form? Fast fact. It takes work. Long term work. As we get older, we discover that one must maintain a daily regime of exercise or you will lose what you have gained. That may sound discouraging but when the results end in something positive for you physically, mentally, & emotionally, how is that a bad thing?

Your training is geared around what you want, need & can do. I value communication with my clients so I can provide the best in skills. I like to bring new things to the forefront & challenge you because it is such a high when you achieve something you thought you could never do.


I am more than what schools can spit out. I have real life experiences in order to make the ordinary feel extraordinary!



Personal training services for martial art students as well