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The secret to our success has been the same since 1995. RDW Martial Arts provides a unique and personalized training regime to allow individuals of any age, mental or physical ability to learn high quality martial art skills that also encompasses other styles into one program. 

Students are encouraged to work hard to achieve their goals because it’s all too easy to give up and quit, but more difficult to see things through. Proper instruction dismisses one’s ego and arrogance by indicating that the main goal of self-defense is to be able to remove oneself from a dangerous situation quickly and effectively using the proper amount of force needed. Self-defense isn’t about fighting but rather through continuous training, one learns practical defense techniques and ‘life skills’ that will give you the ability to deal with people, instill positive behavior, and to manage conflicts that will either keep you out of unpleasant situations or know how to handle them if/when they present themselves. 

AT RDW, the family dynamic that our business was built upon resonates throughout the studio. Friendships are developed between students and parents alike. The community spirit of helping one another and providing support grows with each family that walks through our door. 



RDW teaches an eclectic skill set of martial arts with Hapkido (self-defense) being our main genre. Other styles are incorporated into our program, such as Ninjutsu, Taekwondo, kickboxing, grappling and weaponry, to provide students a well-rounded education that keeps them engaged and enthusiastic for the next class. 

Students are encouraged to maintain excellence in every area of their lives from schoolwork, behaviour at home, to conduct in public. It is our goal for students to gain self-esteem and a strong sense of values, giving them the ability to make the right choices when needed. Just as various martial arts styles flow and work together, so do the life skills that are learned as they flow through one’s academic life, relationships and careers. 

Classes are designed with the student in mind. Martial arts training provides one with physical benefits that incorporate many forms of exercise into one, and becomes an excellent cross-training tool to enhance your fitness level in other areas of sports and activities. 

Another essential part of our school is that besides being challenged in our curriculum, everyone is to have fun. Do a google search and you will come up with why this is so instrumental to learning as it has a positive effect on motiviation levels, determines what we learn and retain. If learning isn’t fun it won’t be very effective, especially in young children. 

As with any team sport, we feel that martial arts works the same way in the sense that we all work together to help each other improve and work hard. However, it’s also very much an individual sport in the sense that you compete against yourself, set new goals to reach, and to push your own limits.