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Martial Arts is NOT for me…….Or is it??

Ok, so here’s the deal.  You’re over 40 or maybe even crunching into your 50’s. Our personal ‘landscape’ is changing. Our physical abilities are changing. The reasons for fitness at this point in our lives are many. From wanting to look our best, to avoiding doctors’ offices and hospitals, illnesses and diseases, costly medical care, or simply being healthy to avoid being a burden to our adult children.

So NOW you’re coming up with excuses like:

– “It’s too hardcore” (no, climbing a mountain with no ropes is hardcore…or daft)

– “I’m not in shape (soooo, you need to be in shape to workout? Repeat that sentence a few times and get back to me)

– “There’s no way I would be able to do all that to get my belt” (Keep reading. You are about to be enlightened)

– “Can I actually get good at this?” (think about how you answer this type of question to your kids)

– “Am I going to get hurt?” (I fell up the stairs today…..I got hurt)

– “I’m too old” (Age is just a number. It’s all in the attitude)


Well guess what? You’re older, not dead.

We have modified the curriculum and testing requirements, should you even want to test, to what you CAN do!

Can’t do shoulder rolls? No problem. I can’t either. Makes me want to puke. Standby’s will send you to the chiropractor? Don’t do them. Certain movements hurt your shoulder or knees? Fine, we’ll find something else that you CAN do. And trust me….there is LOTS. You don’t even need to test for your belt. Engaging in martial arts (with our proper conditioning at the beginning of class) is a full body workout like you’ve never experienced before.

Eliminating or adjusting certain skills does not mean you are learning less. You will still be acquiring the main elements of self-defense and other skills, but in a safer environment for you. This will result in learning more and enjoying what you are doing.

If you haven’t exercised in several years, start off slowly. Everyone starts off the same way. Your classmates will be nothing short of encouraging. Which brings me to my next point

Do you know how great it is to be surrounded by others in the same boat as you? Everyone needs human contact / socialization with others because honestly, it becomes more difficult to find friends as we get older. Working out in a group often results in friendships being developed, which makes training all the more livelier and engaging.

So in a nutshell….there is NO age limit and NO physical restrictions preventing you from participating in our program of martial arts. There are more benefits than you realize, so stop with the excuses and give it a shot!

Oh, and if you don’t believe me, here is a link to a great article explaining the benefits for us ‘vintage’ adults.

Seven reasons to start martial arts  https://evolve-mma.com/blog/7-reasons-start-martial-arts-40s/