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1x/wk – $80 + gst

 2x/wk – $107 + gst

 3x/wk – $125 + gst

Classes are 1 HR in duration



AGES:  Junior / Youth Class – 9 to 15

The Junior and Youth classes each incorporate the full spectrum of our enhanced martial arts program. The exercise and skill sets are challenging, but are developed with a keen sense of fun so that we are able to keep students interested and engaged.

Kids in this particular age group are highly susceptible and vulnerable to a lot of negative influences around them, including peer pressure. RDW provides a safe and relaxed environment for our students to learn and grow. The skills taught are meant to not only develop kids physically, but also to develop their overall attitude and character which makes for a more positive, confident person that will excel in other areas such as school, sports and social settings.


  • Practical (street-smart) self-defense techniques
  • PKs (punch/kick sequences)
  • Sparring / kickboxing
  • Grappling 
  • Abdomen Breathing 
  • Patterns
  • Shoulder rolls / break-falls
  • Weapons (Hanbo/Bo staff) 
  • Games to enhance skills and provide fun challenges


  • To respect oneself and others
  • Learn self-control
  • Develops their personal awareness
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Learn that one is responsible for their own attitude and actions towards others