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3x/wk :  $125 + gst


– free use of weight room

– personalized training 

Classes are 75 – 90 minutes in duration

Kickboxing / Cardio Program

* Class times for these students are M/W/Th during the ADTN time slot 

Excellent for those who are drawn to the physical fitness and/or weight loss aspects of training, or for those who do not wish to enroll in the martial arts program but have an interest in some form of skill set.

From the beginning of the class that has you warming up and stretching out, your body will be transformed by working every muscle, improve flexibility, balance, coordination, strengthen your core, and help build faster reflexes. 

Workouts would include everything from aerobic exercise, kick/boxing, some martial arts, weights, to jumping rope, calisthenics, bag and pad work. It’s a head-to-toe workout like none other, making it more livelier and engaging when in a group setting. 

“Train because you LOVE your body, not because you hate it.” 


  • Losing weight:  Cardio Kickboxing sheds off weight faster than many other programs.
  • Learning kickboxing / boxing techniques:  Basic skills that are useful in many situations.
  • Improve Cardiovascular strength: Your stamina will be better than ever! Cardiovascular health is important if you want to remain healthy.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety: A good workout is vital for a healthy brain.
  • Basic self-defense techniques: Although it doesn’t get as technical as taking self-defense in the martial arts program, it will give you the strength and basic knowledge of hand, foot and knee strikes.
  • One on One Attention
  • Challenging & Engaging
  • Builds Self-Esteem
  • Great Social Outlet


‘Top-Notch’ A.M. Athletics 

FYI: Please note that our AM Athletics class time has been canceled. If you are interested, or have a group of friends/family wanting this class to open up, please email and let us know! 

* A.M. Athletics time slot is also for martial arts, kickboxing, or drop-in students

This class incorporates martial arts skills, cardio, kickboxing, boxing, yoga, core, weights and more to get you in the best shape of your life. Not your ordinary run-of-the-mill gym exercise routines. It’s fun, and yet, challenging. Fantastic for women! Option to create your own class with friends and family. 

In a relaxed and welcoming environment, this creative program brings diversity and finesse to all classes at RDW, allowing anyone to participate for one’s own personal reasons.  We strive to keep our students engaged and consistent in their training  which will only lead to positive results.