• Rental by the hour
  • Short / long term leasing options
  • Current day(s)/hours available:
  • Mondays / Wednesdays : 12 pm – 4 pm
  • Tuesdays / Thursdays
  • Fridays : 12 – 5 pm
  • Saturdays / Sundays
  • Hours and days available may change during the summer months of July and August.


Are you a business that finds yourself barely able to hang in there? Can’t afford to pay your rent/lease, overhead costs? We are discovering fitness studios going out of business now more than ever before, and would like to help.

 If you are running a fitness club of any kind (yoga, martial arts, boxing clubs, wrestling clubs, physiotherapists, personal trainers) and would like to rent a space that may be more affordable, get in touch with us!

 You feel it may be a conflict of interest between our businesses? We feel that even if we are similar in what we offer for services, we are each uniquely different. Clients are drawn to your ‘atmosphere’, your personality, what makes them feel comfortable being a part of your business. We ourselves would like to keep our business as part-time only, and then rent out our space to others.

Our brand new 3,000 sq/ft facility includes a 1,500 sq/ft training vinyl mat made up of 2 1/4″ thick foam underlay to provide comfort and ease on joints while working out. Great for yoga instructors!

 We also have a 750 sq/ft weight room that is designed for personal training in mind. Simple but effective equipment to give one a full body workout.

 There is a large viewing area for waiting family members, as well as lots of free parking. Easy access to the NW and SW communities of Calgary with fast commute times because you are not dealing with city traffic and congestion.

There are enough openings throughout the week to share our space with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and to help others get through these tough times. We are open to working out the best possible deal that will benefit both you and ourselves, so please do not hesitate to meet with us and discuss options. 


Other Rental Facilities in Springbank Area:

C3 Church (gym)                              – $100/hr

Mountain View Church (gym)        – $110/hr

Cochrane Commercial Leasing Costs (example):

Rival Boxing (gone) : 122 Fifth Avenue – 2200 sq/ft facility

Current Asking Lease Cost – $5,270/mnth


RDW MARTIAL ARTS – What is Included

  • 3,000 sq/ft Facility
  • Foyer including shelving for footwear, cubbies for gear, coat hooks and benches
  • 1,500 sq/ft martial arts training mat – made of 2 ¼” thick foam underlay to provide safety, comfort, and ease on joints while training. Covered in a thick vinyl that is easy to clean.
  • 750 sq/ft weight room – fully equipped.
  • Large viewing area for waiting families/friends
  • Bathrooms
  • Ample parking available
  • Quick access to NW & SW Calgary communities


For serious inquiries please call us at 403-797-1908. Due to Covid restrictions, an appointment must be made to view the space.