*  When: Fridays @ 11 am (FULL) and 12 pm    OR   Create your own day/time/class              

*  Ages 4 – 13

*  No uniforms required

*  Certificate of Completion available

* Choose the number of classes or months you would like to participate in!


For Family of 2 kids:

$13 + gst = $13.65 / per student per class

For Family of 3 or more kids:

Discount (15%)

$11 + gst = $11.55 / per student per class


* Due to ‘Current Times’, only pay by the month rather than the whole semester. 

* No refunds.

* Class #’s Req’d:  Min- 5



RDW is a family-based business that has been going strong for over 25 years, as well as having homeschooled our own kids for 13 years!

In a relaxed, welcoming environment this creative program brings diversity and finesse to all classes at RDW, allowing anyone to participate for one’s own personal reasons, and keeping our students engaged and consistent in their training which will lead to positive results. It’s a step away from the normal routine of getting into shape by being fun, yet challenging. 

 RDW provides an opportunity for kids to learn:  

  • Basic martial arts / gymnastics skills
    • Self-defense, kicking, sparring (light contact), grappling, rolls, head/handstands, handsprings, cartwheels, etc. (NOTE:  Some skills may be modified and/or omitted due to current restrictions)
  • Develop hand / eye coordination
  • Build muscles, coordination
  • Build core muscles, stretching
  • Life skills of:
    • Working individually and as a team
    • Listening
    • Focusing
    • Diligence
    • Commitment
  • Build confidence / self-esteem (great for shy kids)
  • Bully proofing tactics / techniques