NEW Program!  Two Different Training Options To Choose From!

  • When: Current classes on Fridays @ 10:15-11:15 am and 11:15-12:15 pm  or ask for / create your own class time!           
  • Ages: 4 – 13
  • No uniforms required
  • Certificate of Completion available upon request (for Fitness Class only)
  • Choose the number of classes or months you would like to participate in!

FEES for Martial FITNESS Class


$13 + gst = $13.65 / per student per class

FOR FAMILY OF 3+ KIDS (15% discount):

$11 + gst = $11.55 / per student per class


* No refunds.

* Class #’s Req’d:  Min- 8


Martial FITNESS Class  

RDW is a family-based business that has been going strong for over 25 years, as well as having homeschooled our own kids for 13 years!

In a relaxed, welcoming environment this creative program brings diversity and finesse to all classes at RDW, allowing anyone to participate for one’s own personal reasons, and keeping our students engaged and consistent in their training which will lead to positive results. It’s a step away from the normal routine of getting into shape by being fun, yet challenging. 

 RDW provides an opportunity for kids to learn:  

  • Basic martial arts / gymnastics skills
    • Self-defense, kicking, sparring (light contact), grappling, rolls, head/handstands, handsprings, cartwheels, etc. (NOTE:  Some skills may be modified and/or omitted due to current restrictions)
  • Develop hand / eye coordination
  • Build muscles, coordination
  • Build core muscles, stretching
  • Life skills of:
    • Working individually and as a team
    • Listening
    • Focusing
    • Diligence
    • Commitment
  • Build confidence / self-esteem (great for shy kids)
  • Bully proofing tactics / techniques


Fees For Martial ARTS Class

Opt #1 & Opt #2


 $15 + gst = $15.75 / per student per class 

FOR FAMILY OF 3+ KIDS (15% discount): 

$13 + gst = $13.65 / per student per class

TEST FEES for OPT #1 :

Each test unit costs $12.50 + gst per student

TEST FEES for OPT #2: 

Each test costs $45 + gst per person and may test amongst the regular Lil Tigers on their test day (TBD) 


* No refunds.

* Class #’s Req’d:  Min. 8

Martial ARTS Class  

OPT #1 :  For Students Aged 9 to 13

This option is for those who want to work towards obtaining an official belt in Hapkido. It is taking our regular evening program that we teach and configuring it in a way that is more accessible for homeschool students.

How can this be done?

In addition to the class, we will provide videos (on private FB group) that show various skills being demonstrated so students can practice at home more readily.

For testing, the curriculum will be broken into Test Units that contain certain skills a student needs to know. Pass a unit, move on to the next. Complete all four units, you have your belt!  Students work one on one with an instructor as well as in a group, and are constantly assessed on their progression.


Test Unit #1:  Abdomen Breathing & PKs

Test Unit #2:  Patterns

Test Unit #3:  Kicks & Rolls

Test Unit #4:  Grappling, Sparring, Self-Defense

OPT#2 :  For Students Aged 4 to 8/9

For younger kids who are not quite ready for the full martial arts program, this is a way for them to earn a stripe (or stripes) on their white belt that reflects the belt levels in the upper classes. What is the purpose of testing? It’s a perfect environment for young students to learn about preparing, listening, trying their best, sportsmanship (attitude), and working towards a goal which leaves them with a feeling of self-worth and satisfaction when they obtain a new stripe. An invaluable lesson that will carry over into other areas of their lives.


360s Cartwheels Grappling Break Falls PKs Head/Handstands
Rolls Hand/Headsprings Stretching Sparring Kicks Push Ups